Fleur reveals: I was warned about Jordan

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Friday, 28 April 2017, 9:28AM
Fleur Verhoeven. Photo / Instagram
Fleur Verhoeven. Photo / Instagram

Fleur Verhoeven has revealed to Spy that days before she was due to appear on The Bachelor, a friend tried to warn her about Jordan Mauger.

Verhoeven, who would go on to win the second season of the dating reality show, said she did think about the warning during filming but ultimately she wanted to make up her own mind on Mauger.

"The day before I went on the show a friend of mine, I never told her I was going to be on the show but she had a feeling," Verhoeven said.

"She phoned me the night before I left for filming and said she'd had a few drinks with the new bachelor. Of course I wanted to know how he was and she basically said, 'just be careful because he's definitely in it for his career."

"She said, 'he's a nice guy, but just be careful'."

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Verhoeven offered this as a possible explanation for Mauger's comments this week that he chose her over rival Nazanin 'Naz' Khanjani by flipping a coin.

"Maybe that's another motive he's got for this coming out," she said before offering some choice words for the former bachelor.

"Get on with your life like we all have. I don't understand why he needs to bring it all up again. He didn't look that great after the show so why make yourself look even worse?"

"I think he's just really bitter about everything. To be fair I was told."

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Verhoeven also said she has no regrets about appearing on the show, saying she made some great friends through the show and that she got some overseas travel out of it, but she doesn't think about it much these days.

"I've moved on from it [The Bachelor]. I've got a new partner. I've got a job. I'm very settled. I'm very happy in my life. I haven't been chasing any of the fame or doing interviews. I've done a couple, but that helped me get to Mexico, which was great. I haven't really had anything to do with The Bachelor after it. Not saying that I wasn't bitter or angry, of course I was upset for a few weeks, but I've moved on from it."

Verhoeven's current partner, photographer Richard Wood, also had a strongly worded message for Mauger which he posted on his Wordpress site. Titled 'In Response' he wrote, "I would suggest to Mauger, that he move on with his life and put his bitterness to rest."

Wood did run the post past Verhoeven before making it public. Asked if she agreed with his words she replied, "Absolutely 100 per cent. I really do. Everything he wrote is true and I do agree.

"I think it's really great of him to stand up for me. It shows that he really cares," verhoeven said. "He said, 'I don't know if I'll get backlash for this but its his opinion and he's willing to risk it'."

She also revealed she had done some coin flipping of her own this week with the result leading to a potential windfall.

"I haven't put the ring up for sale just yet but i will be. It's definitely going up," she laughed.

"After the whole thing I knew I wasn't going to keep it. I was just waiting for the right time and now is a better time than ever."