Five times the Bachelorettes gave us friendship goals

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Friday, 22 September 2017, 12:11AM
Viarni Bright and Lily McManus. Photo / Instagram
Viarni Bright and Lily McManus. Photo / Instagram

There may not always be romance at the end of The Bachelor NZ (hello, season two!), but what we can usually count on are the intense friendships that develop between Bachelorettes while filming the show.

Enduring the endless primping for cocktail parties, competing in absurd challenges, and dealing with a barrage of online abuse from the TV-watching public has seen many of New Zealand's Bachelorettes form a bond that lasts long after the final rose is dished out.

So with season three winner Viarni Bright lashing out this week and defending her close relationships with her fellow contestants, we look back at the Bachelorette buddies giving us all the friendship goals.

Viarni Bright and Lily McManus

You might think vying for the heart of the same man on national television would make things a bit awkward in the friendship department, but not so for the final two Bachelorettes in the third season of the show.

When Viarni Bright and Lily McManus found themselves the last two women standing in the competition for Zac Franich’s affections, they didn't let that minor detail get in the way of their friendship.

And long after the show finished, McManus shared a little insight into how she and Bright filled in their spare time on The Bachelor NZ set, namely: "Budget cheese boards on a towel in the backyard, drinking wine on the Warner Bros. tab and soaking up each other's love."



Look at these two suss looking idiots

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Shari Flavall and Fleur Verhoeven

Fleur Verhoeven may have had to endure the humiliation of being dumped by Bachelor Jordan Mauger just days after season two's finale aired, but she had the friendships of her fellow Bachelorettes to help get her through.

At the same time Mauger was speaking to a magazine about his experiences on the show, Verhoeven was washing that man right out of her hair (and getting cornrows) on the ultimate girls holiday around the Pacific Islands with Bachelorette Shari Flavall.

What with plenty of drinks by the pool and some dubious photo shoots on their cruise ship, it's not hard to see why Flavall declared the holiday "the best time evaaaaaaa".


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Kate Cameron and Gab Davenport

Another strong friendship to emerge from season two of The Bachelor NZ was that between Kate Cameron and Gab Davenport.

When Davenport decided to move to the UK last year, Cameron told her Instagram followers she was going to miss her buddy "like you would not believe".

"We were friends from day one together on the show and we have been through a lot together."

But even on opposite sides of the world, the two have kept up their close friendship.

"A million miles away and we still laugh hysterically, finish each other's sentences and give the best, most brutally honest life advice. I'm missing sharing these times over a glass of rose (or three)," Davenport said.




Dani Robinson and Chrystal Chenery

Two of the biggest personalities from the inaugural season of The Bachelor NZ have also remained firm friends since finding fame on the show.

Runner-up Dani Robinson and self-proclaimed 'Bitchelorette' Chrystal Chenery were thick as thieves soon after the series aired and were often spied being the life of the party together.

They also bonded over the online trolls that come out of the woodwork whenever a season of The Bachelor NZ airs, memorably poking fun at some of the mean comments thrown their way in a Youtube video they uploaded last year. 



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Naz Khanjani and Claudia Conaglen

Naz Khanjani didn't make too many friends on season two of The Bachelor NZ, what with that running "hit list" of Bachelorettes she had, but she did strike up a friendship with Claudia Conaglen that has lasted long after the show.

They may not live in the same city these days, but these Bachelorette BFFs still make sure to find the time for each other when their paths do cross.


Happy Birthday to my bff @nazzfitness💕 Wish I was with you to celebrate. Hope you having a fab time in Queenstown 🎉

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