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Sunday, 7 May 2017, 10:27PM
Anna Paquin. Photo / Instagram
Anna Paquin. Photo / Instagram

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we are once again celebrating some of our favourite celebrity mums.

Last year's list of favourites featured mothers who were juggling blended families, managing toddler tantrums or dealing with the moody teenage years. And this year's list is much the same.

Whether they're new mums or seasoned pros with grown-up kids, these five women are handling their motherhood gig with style.

Jenny-May Clarkson

Not only is Jenny-May Clarkson busy with broadcasting roles and a coaching job with the Northern Mystics netball team, she's also the proud mother of one-year-old twin boys.

While most people would feel exhausted just reading that sentence, Clarkson takes all her responsibilities in her stride, recently telling Woman's Weekly magazine: "I mean, you get a bit tired, but this is what I asked for. It’s what I wanted. There’s no complaining here!"

She and husband Dean (who got engaged just days after meeting) welcomed their sons Te Manahau and Atawhai via an emergency c-section after complications late in her pregnancy.

"I was pretty spaced out on all those drugs," she told the magazine of the birth. "The midwife held them next to my cheek and I remember saying, 'Hello, my sons.’ It was unreal!"


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Anna Paquin

Actress Anna Paquin is also the proud mother of twins, Charlie and Poppy, who were born in September 2012.

Paquin and her husband, actor Stephen Moyer, are both fiercely protective of their kids' privacy, given their combined high profile.

The Oscar winner has previously ranted online about paparazzi taking photos of her twins while out and about. After photos of her young family at an Independence Day parade emerged, Paquin urged her fans not to share the pictures.

"My dear and loyal Twitter followers, if you see pics of my kids please don't post/tweet/give any oxygen to the creeps that take them," she wrote.

"2 b completely clear I'm aware as an actress I have no right to privacy, even on my own property, but leave my kids out of it." (sic)

Suffice to say, Paquin keeps photos of her children off her social media accounts, however, she does offer glimpses into what family time looks like in the Paquin-Moyer household. There are the kids' dinners, baking muffins together and plenty of decorating of Easter eggs (with vegan dye, no less, because Hollywood).


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Kate Rodger

Motherhood came as a big surprise for broadcaster Kate Rodger.

The TV star, who was 45 when she gave birth to her son, Max, told Woman's Day magazine it had been "an absolute freaking shock" to discover she and partner Tristan Alfred were having a baby. (Rodger had a 1% chance of conceiving her baby naturally.)

Four years later, in a letter to her "miracle" son in this month’s Australian Women's Weekly, Rodger said she had thought the motherhood ship had sailed for her.

"But along came your beautiful father," she wrote, "and that ship didn't just pull a full screaming 180 degree u-turn, it sailed right into my ovaries, detouring via the womb and then onwards into my heart, dropping anchor and taking up permanent mooring."


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Teuila Blakely

There is plenty to admire about actress Teuila Blakely.

She's funny, she’s talented, she stands up for what she believes in and she campaigns against online bullying, something she herself has been a victim of time and time again.

But she’s also a shining example of early motherhood, given she became pregnant with her son at just 16 and managed to raise him alone, all while still achieving big dreams of her own.

Blakely's son Jared is now 25, but his Mum still likes to share soppy messages for him. On his most recent birthday, she posted a photo of his fifth birthday party to Instagram, along with a suitably sweet message.

"May you be blessed with all you deserve and more today and always. I love you and I love being your Mum."

Blakely has also previously spoken of the concerted effort she's made to help keep her baby-daddy in her son's life.

"Families and relationships are what you make them, your ex is not your child's ex and I've only ever opened that door and supported their relationship from then till now, coz that's what good mamas do (sic)," she wrote on Instagram. "If you knew our history and what that took for me as a young girl, you'd know just how deep that statement is. Love conquers all, even when that love changes."


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Amelia Reid-Meredith

When Amelia Reid-Meredith announced she was quitting her role as Bella Durville on Shortland Street last year, she told fans it was to "take a break and pursue other projects and opportunities".

However, the actress recently revealed that she, her husband Shadon Meredith and their toddler son Arlo had relocated to her family's farm in Nelson in order to be with her terminally ill mother.

In an interview last month with Next magazine, Reid-Meredith said the big move was the right call for her family.

"Mum struggled because I think she felt guilty, she didn’t want us to stop our lives," she told the magazine.

"People have said things to me like, 'You've sacrificed your career,' and I hate that word 'sacrifice'. I haven’t sacrificed a thing. She gave me life, so if I can do one little thing to make hers a little easier, why wouldn’t I?"

Reid-Meredith also said she's been learning plenty from her mother while living back in the family home, including her cheese scone recipe.

"But I think the biggest thing I can learn from Mum is her ability to be content. She's always said she's so happy with her life – she doesn't care what people think of her and she’s let nothing stand in her way. I’d love to pass that mindset on to Arlo."


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