Fans outraged by Kiwi comedian’s ‘blackface’

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017, 11:43AM
Jimi Jackson. Photo / Snapchat
Jimi Jackson. Photo / Snapchat

Rising Kiwi comedy star Jimi Jackson is known for his explicit language and edgy humour - but he may have just taken it a step too far.

He posted two images and a video of himself with ‘blackface’ on his Snapchat account last night, and reaction was swift.

In the Snapchat video he says: “I would be the sexiest black c**t. I kind of wish I was more black.”

Angry fans took to his Facebook page after he posted one of the images with the caption ‘Jimi Blackson’.

Alex James wrote: “If you haven't worked out yet why blackface is offensive, then you deserve every criticism thrown your way … educate yourself.”

Alfred Chol said: “That's not even funny, you should be ashamed of yourself for committing this kind of nonsense.”

Jackson replied to the hundreds of comments.

“If (you’re) offended by this you shouldn’t be following me lol. To me this is nothing. I ain’t racist. Dont like it fark off simple as that. Dont cry on my page. Churp.”

Jackson boasts 814,153 likes on Facebook and 183k followers on his Instagram.

He rose to internet fame when he started making Vines on YouTube two years ago with a special Kiwi humour spin.