Ex-Outrageous Fortune star reveals IVF journey

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 9 September 2017, 4:57PM
Siobhan Marshall and Millen Baird.
Siobhan Marshall and Millen Baird.

Los Angeles-based lovebirds Millen Baird and Siobhan Marshall celebrated their first wedding anniversary home in New Zealand on Waiheke Island last weekend.

The actors, who married in a romantic ceremony in Fiji last September, have thrown caution to the wind and are chasing their acting dreams in Hollywood. That hasn’t stopped them following another dream — of becoming parents — and it’s a journey they’re sharing on their blog, millsandvorn.com.

“It’s a hard thing for us to do, but we decided to blog about our IVF journey, given it’s something many people either go through or are interested in — and Millen wants to talk about his balls.

“It’s a bit scary going public — possibly a bit more scary than the process itself, but if you’re interested, have a read and send us your feedback,” Marshall, 34, told Spy.

When the former Outrageous Fortune star was as at school she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and told it would potentially be difficult for her to conceive. On meeting her comedian and partner in crime, he told her he had a total of about two sperms, which he had nicknamed Alastair and Bruce. The pair thought their chances of having their own children would be slim.

More than a year ago the couple applied for IVF at Fertility Associates in Remuera, Auckland. In July they got the go-ahead letter and rushed home for their first round of treatment. In their blog, Marshall, 33, explains her first scan revealed some issues — a cyst on one of her ovaries and a blood test that revealed she might have to get the cyst surgically removed.

“Throughout that week, I meditated like a crazy Buddhist, I Qi Gong’d like an obsessed Qi Gonger and I’m sure I had a million baths.

“Unfortunately, I also drank about 20 bottles of wine to ease the stress, which then stressed me out . . . Thankfully, the wine must have helped because my second scan came around and the big bad cyst was GONE They couldn’t even find any remnant of it! ‘That’, they said was ‘quite weird’.

“Mills and I were so proud of my body for expelling the foreign invader that we decided it was the perfect excuse to celebrate with a glass or two of mulled wine in Queenstown. So, we went there to wait for the next cycle — August,” Marshall wrote.

Since then the IVF injections have started and Baird is in awe of his wife. The funny man’s blog posts are done in his classic comical way.

“I was born with lazy swimmers — my testicles didn’t drop properly when I was a kid. I never really noticed it in the changing sheds at school swimming sports. While every other kid pranced around with balls the size of Taupo, it never occurred to me to look down at my empty ‘coin purse’ and properly compare notes.

“I had an operation to surgically lower my balls when I was 12. I remember some school friends coming into the hospital to see how I’d recovered from my ‘hernia’. A hernia seemed like a great cover for an embarrassing operation,” he wrote.

Baird, 43, also addresses things that are not so good for conception — binge drinking, too much coffee and too much travel.

Now the pair have embarked on their journey, they are going to chill in Auckland for while before returning to LA. We wish them well in chasing their dreams and know the updates are going to be hilarious and heartfelt.