Emma looking for love - just not on The Block

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Friday, 10 June 2016, 4:11PM
Emma on The Block NZ.
Emma on The Block NZ.

Emma Diamond is certainly adding the glam factor to the latest series of The Block NZ.

And as she and team-mate Courtney MacKay toil away renovating an Auckland townhouse on the popular show, the stunning blonde has revealed appearing on the DIY show wasn’t her original choice for having a tilt at reality TV.

Instead, Diamond, who is single, considered trying out for a role on The Bachelor NZ.

“I have thought about The Bachelor NZ,” she said. “But I think I would take the piss too much to get any benefit out of it. I would be friend-zoned because a lot of guys, once they get to know me, see me as one of the boys.”

Viewers of The Block NZ have commented on social media that Diamond could be a good fit for either of the show’s hunky male stars.

But not so, says Diamond.

“None of them, honestly, have any chance of winning my heart. How brutal is that?” she said. “They know it, too — I don’t give them anything, not one bit. It’s like brother/sister relationships. We always joke, all the time. But honestly, not a sh** show. There are a couple of hot builders on site but they see me at my absolute worst.

“I’m almost hiding from them.”

MacKay, however, is totally off the market. She is engaged to Highlanders star Joe Wheeler.

MacKay revealed Wheeler visited her on the set
of The Block NZ.

“Joe managed to come up for one night — it was literally 24 hours, if that,” she said.

“He flew in late on a Saturday night and then flew back on the Sunday night because he had a break that weekend.

“I’ve seen him once this whole time on The Block NZ. It was awesome.”

The Dunedin DIY duo are far and away the most popular contestants on social media during the latest series of the show.

MacKay said part of that popularity could be because the wider rugby community was behind them.

“I think the rugby community is huge as well,” she said. “My partner is a public figure as well as a rugby player. He has a lot of support out there and fans already, so he has thrown his support behind us.

“I think our network is mainly why we’ve shot up in the likes.”