Did Paul Henry ghost TV3?

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Thursday, 1 December 2016, 10:13AM
Paul Henry. Photo / Michael Craig
Paul Henry. Photo / Michael Craig

Has controversial broadcaster Paul Henry already left the building?

That's what some fans were left asking when Mark Sainsbury showed up on Paul Henry on Monday with Henry nowhere in sight.

Henry has announced he's leaving his show at the end of the year, with his position being filled by Story's Duncan Garner.

His departure came after a controversial interview with Canvas in which he commented on a woman's "perfect titties" during lunch.

But his absence this week left some wondering if Paul Henry had already ghosted TV3.

Turns out he'll be back in his spot next week.

"Mark is on this week as Paul is on holiday.  Paul will be back Monday," said a TV3 spokesperson.

So fans have a few more weeks to get their fill before Henry departs for good.