Art tight-lipped on engagement rumours

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Friday, 1 April 2016, 2:57PM

It may have been April Fools, but last year's Bachelor NZ star Art Green isn't clearing up rumours of a possible engagement after his girlfriend posted a photo on Instagram with a ring on her finger.

Matilda Rice published the image this morning along with the caption "It's Friday, I have coffee, and it's almost road trip time. Happy days."

The post left her followers scratching their heads over whether they should be congratulating Rice on her engagement to Green, or laughing at what might have been an April Fool prank.

However Green didn't make the situation any clearer when Stace and Flynny from The Hits called him today.

Instead, he remained tight-lipped simply telling the pair "no comment".

After their brief conversation, Stace excitedly said "no comment always means yes". However the question still remains: Are they engaged?

Since posting the image, Rice's Instagram account has been inundated by fans asking if the couple are engaged.

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One follower wrote; "Are a huge congratulations in order babe??" in response to the post while another wrote, "This better not be April fools!!! They're engaged, aw".

Others chose to believe the image was staged. A follower wrote, "The best. I died a little though".

It's Friday, I have coffee, and it's almost road trip time. Happy days ????

A photo posted by Matilda Rice (@matootles) on

Break up rumors have followed the couple since the finale of The Bachelor NZ last March. Many speculated their relationship was only for show.

The duo have so far proved doubters wrong remaining loved up a year on from the finale.