Dean O'Gorman's a star on both sides of the camera

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 25 June 2016, 4:15PM
Dean O’Gorman and Andrew Munro in Hillary.
Dean O’Gorman and Andrew Munro in Hillary.

Hobbit and Westside star Dean O’Gorman has had his turn behind the camera of late — forging a new career as a photographer, more specifically shooting celebrity portraits.

If anyone knows what’s looked for on the Hollywood casting couch, it’s O’Gorman.

This week he posted a series of stunning portraits that he had snapped of Almighty Johnsons’ star Michelle Langstone and Lorde’s sister, Indy Yelich, who has shown interest in a future acting career.

Also this week, O’Gorman shared something iconic to his social media account, a first sneak peak of himself and The Kick star Andrew Munro, in character, for the highly anticipated six-part TVNZ epic drama Hillary, the story of one of our most legendary Kiwis, Sir Edmund Hillary.

Munro plays Sir Ed and O’Gorman plays Hillary’s long-time climbing companion and friend, George Lowe.

From Hillary’s childhood in South Auckland to the 1975 plane crash that killed his first wife, Lady Louise, and youngest daughter, Belinda, Hillary is an in-depth look at the man who conquered more than just Mt Everest.

Also featuring is Amy Usherwood as Lady Louise and a strong supporting cast including Alison Bruce, Stephen Lovatt, Joel Tobeck, Jared Turner, Ryan O’Kane, Peter Daube, Mick Rose and Darren Young.