David Farrier's message to Chelsea Handler

Spy News,
Publish Date
Sunday, 24 July 2016, 9:54PM

NZ journalist and film-maker David Farrier recently appeared on the Netflix chat show Chelsea to talk about his documentary Tickled and discuss the sport of competitive endurance tickling.

Just before the show, Farrier posted a photo with the following Tweet: "Thanks for making me feel like big time celeb".

The show also featured celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and director Paul Feig, who gave her the rundown on his latest film Ghostbusters.

Farrier is currently living in a friend's spare bedroom near Studio City, Los Angeles, where he spends most of his time showing the film, meeting people and being interviewed about it.

Tickled will be released on HBO in America once it has finished playing in cinemas. The documentary is currently showing at over 50 cinemas in the US.