Darude’s shout out to Kiwi dads

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Thursday, 23 March 2017, 1:42PM
DJing dads: Leigh Hart and Matt Heath. Photo / Instagram
DJing dads: Leigh Hart and Matt Heath. Photo / Instagram

Brace yourself guys, this may be the cutest thing you see this week.

Hauraki's Matt Heath and Leigh Hart are known for their party-loving ways so when they got the call up to DJ the Bubble Disco at the local primary school, they were in there like swimwear.

Part of their epic set featured international DJ Darude's chart hit Sandstorm.

And as you can see from this video, the kids loved it! The party went from zero to hero in just seconds, with the youngsters cutting some serious shapes on the dancefloor (despite the fact most of them were born nearly a decade after the 2001 release hit the charts).

But the story doesn’t end there. When Hauraki shared the video on social media, the man himself saw the post and replied with this comment.

You also may be wondering why the guys were DJing a primary school gala in the first place? Well, both Matt and Leigh’s kids go to school there.

Major dad points guys, you rule.