Cricket commentator keeps broadcasting during vasectomy

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 12:51PM
Mike Lane. Photo / Facebook
Mike Lane. Photo / Facebook

They’re generally not known for their professionalism but The Alternative Commentary Collective proved the show must go on when one of their hosts underwent a vasectomy procedure whilst continuing to broadcast during yesterday’s NZ v Australia game.

Streaming the procedure live on Facebook, Mike Lane can be seen lying down in a hospital bed still watching the cricket on his phone and providing commentary while the doctor is busy at work.

“This is the most a man has touched my testicles since you have Jeremy” he says, referring to co-host Jeremy Wells.

“Yep that’s an interesting feeling... I can’t feel my balls, they are fully numb.”

Lane looks in pain most of the video, before eventually signing off saying: “Might have to leave you fellas, things are starting to get a little bit intimate.”

But it wasn’t long before Lane was back at work, returning to Eden Park, armed with a stash of prescription painkillers.

You can watch the Facebook Livestream video here: