Conjugal visits banned on The Block

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 15 July 2017, 5:43PM
Zachary Inglis (aka Zing) and his girlfriend Alice Moore.
Zachary Inglis (aka Zing) and his girlfriend Alice Moore.

The Block NZ contestants might be working into the early hours to finish their rooms week on week, but that’s not stopping the contestants painting the town red at trendy Viaduct spots. Some contestants were recently seen at Dr Rudi’s Rooftop Brewery Co and last Saturday all the cast were seen cheering on the All Blacks at Headquarters.

We’re told conjugal visits are prohibited on The Block site, so when the various other halves arrive in town we guess a hotel is booked. We saw the gorgeous wives and kids of Hamilton brothers-in-law, Andy Murdie, 38 and Nate Ross 33, on the show this week, but what about the others?

But identical Auckland 28-year-old twins Julia and Alexandra Heaney don’t need a hotel booking on their Saturday nights off.

Levi Inglis (aka Ling) and his girlfriend Laura Evans.

When Julia gets to catch up with her fiance Clinton Herring, it’s wedding planning that comes to mind first.

Sister Ali was a little shy about sharing her personal life — we’re told her boyfriend is more than double her age, but all she’d say was: “Our souls are the same age, whatever that is.” Touche!

As for Christchurch-based Levi, 22 and Zachary Inglis, 24, aka Ling and Zing, who on earth would be their Yin and Yang? Turns out two lovely lasses from down south are as proud as punch. Zing’s girlfriend Alice Moore has already been up for a romantic night and is planning on another one soon, while Ling’s lady Laura Evans is visiting this month.

“Who can resist his sense of humour and of course that hot moustache?” Moore told Spy of Zing.

As for Palmerston North’s Stace Cottrill, 39 and Yanita McLeay, 29 — Cottrill is the only single contestant on The Block this year and McLeay is finding it hard being apart from her man, Jordan Hall.

“Jordan and I have managed to get through three years of doing a long distance relationship, but being apart is way harder than I expected. He is my number one fan however.”

Hopefully he makes it to Auckland soon.