Kiwi 'blackface' comedian accused of misogyny

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017, 4:22PM
One of the controversial images Jimi Jackson posted to social media. Photo/SnapChat
One of the controversial images Jimi Jackson posted to social media. Photo/SnapChat

Prominent social media comedian Jimi Jackson sparked controversy yesterday after posting a photo on SnapChat and Facebook showing himself in blackface.

The photo sparked a wave of criticism across the country, with many lambasting the comedian for the photo.

However, Jackson has remained defiant, and has taken to abusing his critics.

One woman wrote on his page: “It's not offensive, it's stupid. You're a father now. Time to grow up.”

In response, Jackson wrote: “Your fingers were made for hand jobs not typing. So shut the f*** up slut.”

His comments have been condemned by The Spinoff’s television editor Alex Casey, who has slammed Jackson and his behaviour in a scathing opinion piece.

“Is someone who talks to women like this the kind of person we want to support on our television screens? Had this been any other prominent New Zealand figure with even a scraping of a mouse’s fingernail of Jimi’s social reach, this sort of outburst would be admonished.”

A graph on the site backs up her points, showing that Jackson’s 800,000 plus Facebook followers trump those of Mike Hosking (222,000) and Richie McCaw (515,000).

“What kind of message does this send to his 814,000 followers, and the hundreds of supportive ‘likers’ who think it’s totally fine to call a woman a slut and tell her to shut the f*** up merely for disagreeing with a powerful social media presence on a notoriously controversial topic?”

Jackson has defended the photo by saying it is for an upcoming skit show set to air on Maori Television.

The network issued a statement, saying: “Jimi Jackson will be appearing in a new series entitled Jimi’s World that is due to be screened on MTS later this year. The series will be assessed by our censor before airing and will be expected to meet all requirements of the free to air code.

“We don’t condone the use of abusive language towards anyone and Mr. Jackson will be asked to tone down his language.”