Claws come out among Auckland’s Glamorous Housewives

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 27 August 2016, 2:23PM
Michelle Blanchard, Anne Batley Burton and Julia Sloane.
Michelle Blanchard, Anne Batley Burton and Julia Sloane.

Week one of The Real Housewives of Auckland didn’t fail to deliver on the bitchiness front.

The tears, tantrums and name-calling on the Bravo production made for riveting viewing for reality TV fans. And if you thought the cat fights would ease off for the remainder of the season, you’re wrong.

This week the fireworks heat up further, including at a charity Pussy Galore Party hosted by Anne Batley Burton.

The cat-saving, champagne-loving Housewife hosts the fundraiser at her Whenuapai olive grove for her charity, The New Zealand Cat Foundation. And Spy  hears the guests  saw plenty of fireworks — all which are sure to create great TV.

The Pussy Galore party sees Batley Burton dress as the Bond film’s temptress, while her cast-mates turn up in feline ears and fancy dress, manicured claws at the ready.

This week the catfights aren’t just  Angela Stone vs Michelle Blanchard and Gilda Kirkpatrick.

Spy understands the real drama begins to unfold when Stone turns up in the same cat suit as her new after-show filming bestie Julia Sloane. The reaction is not pretty.

As viewers of the show will have noted, Sloane is a smiling assassin, setting up drama for others to carry out.

Spy hit her up her at Fashion Week to ask about the latest scrap. “No, we didn’t fight, I recall the auction bidding was more dramatic.” Then she paused before recalling: “Actually there were comparisons made about our respective bodies in the cat suit and yes a bit of bitchiness, but of course I thought I looked the best.”