Celebrities and their furry friends

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Thursday, 14 July 2016, 9:06PM
ZM's Fletch and Karen. Photo / Instagram
ZM's Fletch and Karen. Photo / Instagram

Nicky and Shikoba
Nicola Robinson Evans is, at heart, a lover of nature. Among the animals on the northern New South Wales farm she shares with husband Pete Evans, there are Friesian horses she adores and a black cat. But it is her black poodle Shikoba that gets the most social media attention. This week on a family trip to the snow, Shikora appeared in eight photos with snowy back drops.

Amelia and Ruby
Amelia Reid-Meredith (Bella on Shortland Street) and her Kelpie Ruby, nicknamed Ruby Roo, compete for celebrity endorsements. With her gorgeous chocolate coat and white tipped front paws, Ruby went Paleo with the help of K9 Natural dog food. Ruby wears a K9 branded bandana with panache.

Fletch and Karen
In the first of our British Blue pussy cats we have Karen (or Kaz), the feline friend of ZM’s Carl Fletcher. Kaz is almost as famous as his owner (yes, Karen is a boy) – with ZM dedicating a whole gallery to her.

Ria and Maebe
Ria Vandervis (Harper on Shortland Street) and Maebe make a striking pair. We like Maebe’s hint of scruff mixed with an adorable snozzle face. The Maebs has lots of cuddles with mumma and has her very own teddy with a green knit jersey.

Beaudy and Monty
The fur baby of All Black Beauden Barrett and lovely girlfriend Hannah Laity has been right up there with celebrity appearances in Spy this year. An all black Miniature Schnauzer when they bought him in the Christmas holidays, Monty appears to have lightened as he ages. It's Monty that has kept Barrett company this week, whilst Laity enjoys some time with girlfriends in Fiji.

Nikki and Lily
Lily, the British Blue cat of MP Nikki Kaye, gets more likes when Kaye post pics on Instagram than posts on policy. With time away from Lily on Kaye’s many days in Wellington, a boyfriend was in order in the form of Charlie the British Shorthair, who joined the family earlier this year.

Ben and J-Bridges
Way before Ben Barrington became Dr Drew on Shortland Street, back when he was still a Norse God, the soon-to-be real life daddy welcomed Yorkshire Terrier Jeff Bridges into his life.

Named after the Hollywood movie star, Bridges has had his fair share of fame alongside his dad. Fiancee Kristie Fergus has welcomed the Yorkie into her life and we know J-Bridges will be a great older brother to the couple’s first child together.

Rachel and Babee
It’s hard to upstage a supermodel, but Rachel Hunter’s black Pomeranian Babee often does. Babee is not Hunter's only fur baby, but she does have her own Instagram page. And although she hasn’t quite reached the followers ‘Our Rach’ has, we thought we would lend her a hand. You can follow ‘My travels as a Pom thur..Life @babee_pom

Luci, Alex, Buster and Ike
We didn’t think we could find a cuter couple than Alex Tarrant from 800 Words and Luci Hare from Auckward Love. But we have, in their doggies Buster the Chihuahua and Ike the French Bulldog.  Fun fact: Tarrant’s character in 800 Words is called Ike also.

Maria and Hercules
Netball superstar Maria Tutaia had her man come into her life in Christmas 2014. She named him Hercules ‘The Heart Breaker’. Pics of the handsome Herc seem to come out at Christmas for Insta snap time. We don’t know if The Heart Breaker has taken to Tutaia’s boyfriend NRL star Israel Folau, but they are both pretty handsome chaps. We hope to see them pose together in matching Reindeer ears come the festive season.

Ardie and Dakota

Don’t think All Black Ardie Savea has his Siberian Husky Dakota all to himself. Pride of Dakota is shared with his beautiful girlfriend Saskia Hartmann. The couple also have another girl doggie, a white Samoyed called Mia. We could not resist a pic of a hungry AB and Husky preparing a snack.