Casting call: Made in Remuera

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Thursday, 7 July 2016, 9:26PM
Frank March, Mark Harrison and Jaime Ridge. Photos / Instagram
Frank March, Mark Harrison and Jaime Ridge. Photos / Instagram

Reality TV series Made in Chelsea will premiere tonight on Bravo and Spy has learnt the reality network is on the look out for more local content. 

With Real Housewives of Auckland already underway, we're looking ahead to the next possible series and think Made in Remuera has a definite ring to it. 

The original Made in Chelsea chronicles the loves and lives of affluent young people in West London, from Chelsea through to Belgravia, the Kings Road and Knightsbridge. It also follows them as they travel to glamorous locations around the globe.

Now, we present contenders for Made in Remuera, from the eastern slopes through to Ponsonby and Herne Bay.

Parnell brothers Mark and Kent Harrison


Both gents have been mastering the Auckland social scene between them for decades - they know everyone in the MIR scene.

Favourite night spot - Their apartment at The Mirage is always good for a party.

Favourite holiday spots - India and Hong Kong.

Parnell based Max Fitzgerald and Franky March

The pair make an adorable IT couple. March works for The Denizen, NZ's version of Tatler and Fitzgerald works in banking.

Favourite night spots - Ostro and Seafarers Members Club.

Favourite holiday spots - New York and Sydney.

Remuera based Sophia Herbert

The most private on our list, Sophia is the daughter of Spy regular Simon Herbert. A glimpse into the gorgeous brunettes lifestyle would tantalize viewers.

Favourite night spot - entertaining at home.

Favourite holiday spot - The Med.

Ponsonby’s SPQR daughter Courtney Rupe

The daughter of SPQR hospo legend Chris Rupe, Courtney has a clique of rich lister friends and went to school in Queensland with Margot Robbie, the two still remain friends.

Favourite night spot - SPQR of course.

Favourite holiday spot - Anywhere with great restaurants.

Orakei based Lucas Cooney

The ladies love the handsome lawyer Mr Cooney and those story lines would create must watch Reality TV.

Favourite night spot - The Roxy.

Favourite holiday spots - India and Fiji.

Roxy party boy Gerard Barton

The man that brings all the new rich kids together at the Roxy, quaffs enough Veuve Clicquot to make Forte Lane slightly resemble Chelsea.

Favourite night spots - Cartel on Friday nights at The Roxy.

Favourite holiday spot - Fiji.

Max Key Video girl Dominique Wisniewski

That girl in the Max Key video mixes with an older monied crew. The student loves a good party and would bring a good range of the prerequisite designer handbags.

Favourite night spots - 46 & York.

Favourite holiday spots - Venice and Marrakech.

Parnell based Max Key

We could not leave him off! We are still waiting to see the real Max. Appearing on the show may inspire a new music video.

Favourite night spots - The PM's house and The Roxy.

Favourite holiday spots - Los Angeles and Paris.


Photos sourced from Instagram.