Brodie Kane says Pokemon No

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Thursday, 14 July 2016, 3:45PM
Brodie Kane. Photo / Twitter
Brodie Kane. Photo / Twitter

TVNZ reporter Brodie Kane has taken to Twitter to share a message she received from an internet troll.

In the message, Kane is accused of being one of those people who ruin newspapers and TV news. The message continued with a vent about her recent Pokemon Go rant on Breakfast on Wednesday morning, even calling her a self-centred cow.


Ironically, not long after her feature on Breakfast, one of her colleagues who was playing the online game, found a Pokémon monster on her back!

Kane is no stranger to standing up to media trolls. In March, she took to the TVNZ website to share her experiences of being bullied on social media.

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Since that article, she has taken a softer stance, which she demonstrates on her Twitter feed, by gently teasing Mitchell and only taking umbrage to his reference to her ruining newspapers.

Luckily, trolls and Pokémon will be the last thing on her mind as she celebrates her 30th on Friday night. Spy understands it will be bubbles galore with group of friends in Ponsonby. Unfortunately Pikachu hasn't been invited.