Breakfast wars: Is Duncan gaining on Hilary?

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 1:41PM

Three's new breakfast offering The AM Show has officially been on-air for a month now, after debuting to positive reviews.

But four weeks on and the ratings show it's still a long-way off beating TVNZ's Breakfast, hosted by Jack Tame and former TV3 presenter Hilary Barry.

The past four weeks have seen Breakfast average an audience of 129,000 viewers aged 5+, versus The AM Show's 39,000.

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In the key commercial demographic of 25-54, on average 49,000 viewers sit down to watch Breakfast, versus 22,000 watching Duncan Garner on The AM Show.

According to a TVNZ spokesperson, those figures have remained steady, with "little variation week to week - Breakfast consistently attracts more than three times as many New Zealanders than The AM Show".

Meanwhile, a MediaWorks spokesperson said the company was delighted with The AM Show's performance so far.

"We are getting fantastic feedback and the trio of Duncan, Amanda and Mark are resonating well with our audience. Since launch, the show has averaged a 1.1 rating which is very similar to the ratings we had for Paul Henry during the same period last year."

Things are also looking up for Three's new 7pm offering, The Project, which scored its highest rating episode last night, beating Seven Sharp in the 25-54 demographic and attracting an average audience of more than 100,000 viewers.