Breakfast re-jig paves way for ultimate bromance

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Thursday, 12 January 2017, 10:46AM
Matt McLean and Jack Tame's bromance is about to hit our TV screens. Photo / Instagram
Matt McLean and Jack Tame's bromance is about to hit our TV screens. Photo / Instagram

On Wednesday, TVNZ announced Matt McLean will take Sam Wallace's place presenting the weather on Breakfast, meaning he'll join his best mate Jack Tame on air. 

The pair first met at uni 12 years ago and their bromance has flourished ever since. 

Need proof? Think back to this delightful birthday cake Jack got Matt last year:


And, when Jack first got the gig on Breakfast, Matt went out of his way to stream it overseas and cheer his friend on. 

In a self-described "mushy" post, Matt took to social media to post a montage of photos of the two of them together, writing: "I've been fortunate to call Jack Tame my best mate for 12 years now, and in that time there's been so much I've been proud of him for. But I've never been prouder than I am today, as he relaunches Breakfast as the new co-host...Jack is incredibly passionate, hard working, and so entertaining. go hard buddy, and go smash it!"

He then added: "Ps. You get today. Today I'm mushy, but tomorrow I'll return to bringing you back down to earth by telling you you're not as funny as you think you are". 

Because giving each other a hard time is what these guys do Matt told Spy: "I'm clearly a sucker for punishment agreeing to work alongside Jack - I've had 12 years of ribbing from him, and now I'm putting myself in the firing line every morning on live television." 

"But, honestly, I couldn't be more excited to come back and work with my best mate. When we were studying together, we could have only dreamed that one day we'd find ourselves in a position where the bosses at TVNZ were crazy enough to make us the presenters of a national morning show. But it's about to become a reality and it's incredibly exciting.

"The whole team is fantastic though and, truth be told, I'll probably end up swapping out Jack for Hilary as my best friend by the end of week one," he says.


this guy.

A photo posted by Matty McLean (@mattymcleannz) on Mar 12, 2014 at 7:01pm PDT



Jack, on the other hand, describes his pal more kindly, calling him "infectiously fun" and adding: "though we haven't worked together in almost ten years, it's thrilling to be back together. He was made for this job."

But the kind words never last long... 

With some textbook negging Jack said of his bromantic partner: "Those who remember Matty's early reports as a cadet on Breakfast will be amazed that TVNZ stuck with him as long as they have. I suppose you just can't say no to that face."

And he threw Matt under the bus when it comes to his competitive side, warning the Breakfast team to avoid playing any kind of game or sport with the new weather presenter. 

"Despite his general lack of athleticism, he's the most competitive person I've ever met and is more than happy to flip up the Monopoly board or attack you with a plastic cricket bat," Jack said.

On the plus side, he did give his pal credit where it's due, telling his co-workers: "You're better to do karaoke with him instead, as his Nicki Minaj impression sets the standard."

Breakfast returns to TVNZ 1 on Monday, January 23.