Blair Strang back in the acting world

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 15 April 2017, 3:25PM
Blair Strang.
Blair Strang.

Former Shorty and Nothing Trivial star-turned lawyer Blair Strang, 45, is heading back to the bright lights of acting — but not as you’d imagine it.

Strang has launched the Sapphire Theatre Company, and makes his directorial debut with the fast-paced comedy show Nigel, which will be showcased at Takapuna’s Pumphouse Theatre in May.

Written by television writer, Kate McDermott back in 1996, and then re-drafted in 2017, the show will be a family affair for Strang, with his son Steel making his theatre debut as an actor.

“I’ve had a strong desire to get back into some theatre work for a few years now,” says Strang.

“It’s great to have a creative outlet and to be doing something that is entirely different from being a lawyer. 

“Having Steel as part of the cast has been great, it’s awesome to see him finding his feet as an actor.”

The cast of Nigel.

Set in the 90s, Nigel tells the story of a man getting organised for the biggest date of his life, only for everything to go chaotically awry.

McDermott’s actress daughter Jaime also joins the cast, as does well-known presenter Suzanne Paul who makes a return to the stage after many years away.

“Suzanne’s been great, she’s really thrown herself wholeheartedly into the rehearsal process and it’s fantastic to have her as part of our amazing cast,” said Strang.

Despite his enjoyment of the theatre work, Strang isn’t quite ready to give up his day job just yet.

“I’m absolutely loving this experience of being back on the stage, but I think having a slightly more reliable source of employment might be required for a few years yet!”