Ben and Kylie's European honeymoon

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016, 1:35PM
Ben and Kylie Crawford. Photo / Instagram.
Ben and Kylie Crawford. Photo / Instagram.

Just six months after tying the knot with his beautiful wife Kylie, the original Block NZ winner Ben Crawford is enjoying another honeymoon, this time in Europe.

Their first stop in London saw them bump into English comedian Russell Brand, who luckily had time to pose for a selfie.


The loved-up couple then travelled to Copenhagen, where Ben stopped to try a couple of cheeky craft beers with an equally handsome friend.

Of course, no romantic trip to Europe would be complete without a visit to Paris. Architect-mad Ben made sure he checked out some of the more ornate buildings in and around the city.

Photos / Instagram. Posted by @bencrawfordnz

Their next stop is Barcelona, where Spy is sure Ben will be checking out more stunning architecture.

No word yet on when the happy couple will be returning to NZ, but Ben has a new campaign starting in Renovate Magazine in July, so no doubt it will be soon.

Ben and sister Libby were the winners of the inaugural season of The Block NZ back in 2012. They won the show with an impressive $187,000 profit from the house they renovated in Takapuna.

They went on to start up an independent creative advertising agency called Libby & Ben. Ben has also published his first home design inspiration book, Built for Caffeine.

Ben and Kylie recently finished building their own dream home together and now look to be living the dream in Europe.

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