Media legend's big birthday bash goes off with a bang

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 9 December 2017, 4:27PM
Kati and Barry Colman.
Kati and Barry Colman.

Last night was set to be one of the parties of the year — and you might have heard it.

Business media legend Barry Colman was celebrating his 70th birthday with a big bash — and a giant fireworks display near his clifftop Glendowie home.

Spy asked Colman whether the pyrotechnics would match those at his 65th when it was rumoured $50,000 was splashed out on fireworks launched from a barge in the Waitemata.

“Your speculation on the fireworks costs are probably conservative,” Colman said. “This is a BIG 0 celebration after all.”

Broadcaster Gary McCormick was due to perform MC duties, but Colman said on Friday he didn’t know much more about the arrangements as wife Kati had “sentenced me to our Parnell apartment in recent days while a small army of people have been busying themselves at the Glendowie property”.

The party organisers have been maildropping neighbours to warn them of the party and the fireworks, which were due to be on a barge off Little Karaka Bay.

Richlister Colman joked that he could afford to spend more on the display as the “refreshment” costs of his parties were declining.

“This reflects the begrudging reduction in the capacity of my guests’ once bulletproof livers to absorb refreshments in quite the same quantities as in the past. We take solace in the knowledge that though alcohol kills slowly — it doesn’t matter. There is no hurry.”