Bachelorette's new beginnings

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016, 7:18PM
Erin Higgins. Photo / Instagram
Erin Higgins. Photo / Instagram

Erin Higgins, the girl who turned down Jordan Mauger for a sleepover, then found herself relegated to third choice on The Bachelor, is moving to Sydney next week.

Higgins, the shy, slightly nerdy girl from Auckland's North Shore, has certainly had a growth of confidence this year after coming third, which she handled with a carefree attitude.

Since the show finished filming, Higgins has been out and about on the social scene, including attending the launch of good friend Logan Dodds’ Kiwi Daze video and Max Key’s 21st birthday as well as hanging out with Mauger. 

A few weeks ago Higgins dyed her hair platinum blonde and last night she announced on social media:

“One way ticket booked, see you next week… #sydney #newbeginnings”


✈️ one way ticket booked, see you next week... #sydney 😁🌏 #newbeginnings

A photo posted by Erin Higgins (@erin_higgo) on Jun 20, 2016 at 10:06pm PDT

First place winner, later to be jilted, Fleur Verhoeven took a Pacific Island cruise with fellow bachelorette Shari Flavell, whilst Mauger’s second choice, Naz Khanjani is set to hit the boxing ring in Christchurch next month.

Higgins, who loves to travel, has previously worked as a masseuse on a super yacht. That scene is big in Sydney and so is being a former reality TV star.