Bachelorettes kiss and tell

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 1 April 2017, 3:51PM
Katey Freestone and Lucia Tabaillou.
Katey Freestone and Lucia Tabaillou.

Three was in major hype mode this week over the bachelorette-on-bachelorette kiss during Monday’s episode of the Bachelor.

Season two bachelorette Shari Flavall posted to social media about the incident: “I don’t think these two are here for the right reasons.”

The two in question are Lucia Tabaillou who kissed Katey Freestone twice. Was it attention seeking? Was it to spark Bachelor Zac Franich’s interest? Was the hype a bid to warm up interest in the show?

The pair, both 21, said it was simply a reflection of their close bond.

“Well the first kiss was clearly just a kiss on the cheek and when Katey turned around again I thought she was kind of wanting me to go for it, so the kiss happened and I didn’t regret it at all. It was definitely not a cry for attention or for Zac to keep us on longer and was clearly not staged whatsoever,” Tabaillou told Spy.

“It was genuinely just a quick kiss on the lips. Being in the bottom two sucked, so it was cool that Katey had my back, so just a bit of a pash to say ‘thanks babe’.”

Freestone wasn’t surprised by the kiss. “I saw it coming, we’re super close and I felt like she needed a little pep talk because she genuinely thought she was going home. She returned my pep talk by giving me a kiss and I definitely wasn’t gutted about it!

“Nobody told us to do that, we were only showing our affection and love towards each other. It’s such an intense experience and to have someone I was that close to honestly made me feel at ease throughout the show.

“I’m straight, but affection from other girls doesn’t offend me and I think the most important part of a relationship is to feel loved,” she said.

Tabaillou says she too is into boys. “But I can’t lie and say I haven’t kissed a few girls here and there. Katey and I were so close from the moment we met, we get along so well and both just like to have fun.”

The pair say there’s a fair bit of bitching in the house, so they try to get past that and have fun.

“Hanging around the mansion when we aren’t on dates can be boring so we just . . . make the most of being in such an amazing house. Surely no one is too old for backflips and pool toys,” said Tabaillou.

“I think they’re the ones who look immature because were just having a bit of fun, literally just having a laugh, while they’re sitting around eating their sour grapes for breakfast, bitching about us,” Freestone said. “You have long days waiting around in the mansion, so I found Luce and I made the best out of the boredom.”