Bachelor Jordan Mauger breaks his silence

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Publish Date
Sunday, 29 May 2016, 8:14PM

Bachelor Jordan Mauger has hinted in an interview with Woman's Day that family influence was the reason he didn't choose Naz Khanjani in the show's finale.

"I spoke to my family for about two hours after they'd met both girls and I asked them who they would most like to come for Christmas," he said.

"I don't want to say who they chose, but there were some who were judging Naz on what they'd seen up to that point on TV, rather than what they'd seen in person."

Fleur Verhoeven, the woman who seemingly won Mauger's heart, was dumped a mere 48 hours after the show ended.

Mauger says he will always adore Naz, but says a romance with her now would be tainted with "a lot of negativity".

He said it was unfair that Verhoeven had been portrayed as having a broken heart because they barely had a relationship.

The now-single again Bachelor also said he was hanging up his dating boots, and that he'd had his fill of dates for a lifetime.

"There's still a space in my life for someone, but I just need time to heal from this."

Woman's Day editor Sido Kitchin said the brutal public social media attacks on Mauger were shocking, and revealed the magazine also received plenty of criticism for featuring Khanjani on the cover.

She said: "I feel Jordan is a good Kiwi dude who tried but failed to find love in a manufactured world - and was vilified for it".

Meanwhile, Khanjani says she totally agrees with Mauger, tweeting: "Get your copy of @WomansDayNZ - great read! I completely agree with Jordan & support him 100% in everything he says."