Awkward much? PJ set up with ex on date

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Publish Date
Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 11:07AM

Warning: Contains coarse language.

As if PJ’s dating life couldn’t get any more public or awkward – it just did, thanks to her naughty co-host Jase.

Fans of the ZM drive show will know that PJ and her ex, Aussie romance, broke up earlier this year.

The couple first met in 2015, when Jase introduced his co-host to his best mate Michael. Sparks flew and romance ensued.

Aussie romance soon jumped the ditch to move in with PJ, until their split.

While things are amicable, there was no disguising the awkwardness when Jase decided to stick his oar in, setting the pair up on a deaf date.

Wearing noise cancelling headphones, PJ was left flabbergasted when her blindfold was removed to reveal her all-too-familiar date.

The result was one of the most awkward dates you’ll ever witness.

PJ, we hope you’re plotting your revenge!