Art and Matilda: Best moments

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Monday, 18 September 2017, 9:36AM
Art Green and Matilda Rice are engaged. Photos / Instagram
Art Green and Matilda Rice are engaged. Photos / Instagram

As the country reels from last night’s Block Shock, we thought we’d take a minute to celebrate one of reality television’s success stories – Art and Matilda.

Let’s face it, since this adorable couple first hooked up in 2015, they’ve pretty much become our Kiwi version of Wills and Kate.

This weekend, the pair confirmed the news that they’re getting married – so we’re looking back on some of their cutest moments.

Rice shared this cute moment from when she first laid her eyes on her future hubby during episode 1 of The Bachelor NZ.

"I like this thing here" #TheBachelorNZ #SeriousGame

A post shared by Matilda Rice (@matootles) on Mar 17, 2015 at 2:10am PDT

Matilda says it was all such an amazing experience.

When the couple embraced this Titanic moment, I mean come on guys. Stop being so cute.

That time he spun her around like she was a freaking princess.

When they both got caught in the rain at one of their friend’s weddings.

Couples who train together, stay together right? Right!

Matilda being super awesome by supporting Art’s business Clean Paleo.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be glam with this cute couple. Camping in the wilderness with uncooked corn can be extremely romantic too.

Overall, you two really are ‘couple-goals!’ Bring on the wedding (and the babies please).