Anika Moa falls victim to 'polite' hacker

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Thursday, 9 June 2016, 9:28PM
Anika Moa. Photo / Instagram @ anikamoa
Anika Moa. Photo / Instagram @ anikamoa

Anika Moa isn't the first celebrity to have her Twitter account hacked, but her interaction with her hacker was certainly unique.

The singer discovered her Twitter account – with 15,500 followers - had been compromised this week and shared her predicament on her Facebook page.

"Someone just hacked my Twitter account. How do I get it back? They've changed all my contact details and everything," she wrote.

However, Moa soon discovered her hacker had a conscience, when he emailed to say sorry for his actions.

"My hacker emailed me and apologised and told me he was 16 from NZ," she said on Facebook.

"He gave me my new password and told me to change all my passwords. Apparently a MySpace hack so everyone should change all their passwords please. Lol he did it to get more followers. Goodness!" (sic)

Once Moa regained access to her Twitter account, she found her hacker had been busy contacting other well-known faces.

"Now I go to my Twitter page and see my hacker has DM'd heaps of famous people like Dan Carter, Brooke Fraser and Stuff News, One News, etc etc lol lol FML," (sic) she wrote.

"How shameful but hilarious all at once. What a little f***knob. Jermaine Clement had a hardout conversation with him/me though, which was lovely. I feel violated but also love his tenacity and he said he wasn't doing it to be malicious."

Back in control of her Twitter page last night, Moa thanked her hacker for giving back the account's access, telling him he was "so polite yet so naughty".




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