Amanda Billing's return to television

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 29 October 2016, 3:21PM
Amanda Billing.
Amanda Billing.

Life is showing no signs of slowing down for Kiwi actress Amanda Billing.

She stars in the latest series of South Pacific Pictures’ murder/mystery hit The Brokenwood Mysteries, which premieres on Prime tonight, and will present the return series of Sensing Murder on TV2, the show where three psychics are challenged to provide new leads in some of this country’s most baffling unsolved mysteries.

For the globally successful Brokenwood, Billing, 40, was thrilled to head back to SPP where she spent 10 years starring as Dr Sarah Potts on Shortland Street  — until two years ago when her character was killed off.

On her episode, titled Over Her Dead Body the storyline revolves around a group  who get together for a live-action game of Cluedo. Billing stars as quirky housekeeper, Brenda, who has  some skeletons in her close. “I loved working on this episode. The whole series is deliciously dark and Brenda has some fantastic traits which made the whole experience a great challenge,” she told Spy.

It was like a reunion for Billing who worked with an ensemble cast of Kiwi actors including Theresa Healey, Cameron Rhodes, Kip Chapman, Luci Hare, JJ Fong and Elizabeth McRae, not to mention The Brokenwood Mysteries’ lead actors, Fern Sutherland, Neill Rea and Nic Sampson.

Fiction is a lot easier than the real thing — and as she prepares to front Sensing Murder, Billing revealed she had taken the role seriously.

“For me there is something seductive about the show’s premise: that when all else fails, when the police have done all they can and yet a case lies cold, perhaps help is ‘out there on the other side’.”