A tale of two Bachelor followings

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Monday, 21 March 2016, 10:10PM
Art Green and Jordan Mauger. Photos / Instagram
Art Green and Jordan Mauger. Photos / Instagram

It's safe to say New Zealand's original Bachelor, Art Green, has done very well out of the franchise.

Not only did Green meet girlfriend Matilda Rice, but exposure for both himself and his company's brand has been significant since he appeared on the show.

The director of CleanPaleo's Instagram page currently sits at 60,700 followers. Rice's page, where Green and his "clean living" brand also naturally feature heavily, has 70,100 followers.

It all adds up to further recognition for his business and a variety of opportunities not previously open to Green, such as releasing a book.



A photo posted by Art Green (@art_green) on Feb 20, 2016 at 8:50pm PST


In contrast, current Bachelor star Jordan Mauger has some catching up to do as he navigates his way through the series – and beyond.

The assistant director and sometime-actor currently has approximately 1,300 Instagram followers, but that number is steadily increasing.

Admittedly, Mauger only recently opened his Instagram account up to the public, and Green has a whole year's headstart in publicity – but will this new Bachelor be able to turn his stint on the show into the same online popularity? We shall wait and see...


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