The best hair cuts for balding men

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Friday, 9 June 2017, 2:54PM

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For many men, with age comes balding or, at least, a receding hairline. So if you're not looking into the mirror at a Silver Fox, what can you do about making the most of what's left on your head?

The NZH Lifestyle team enlisted the help of Frana Evans from hair salon The Cut in Auckland's Sylvia Park to take us through some on trend looks plus the best styles to ask for when things are getting a little scarce up there.

And with his full head of hair and no sign of a receding hairline whatsoever, we decided George Fenwick was absolutely the best person for the job.

Here are some key looks, common mistakes and fixes for men and their hair care.

The wash

Do you use shampoo? What about conditioner? Frana explains that it's essential to use both: "Shampoo opens your hair cuticles and conditioner closes it."

George explains that stealing his flatmates' shampoo as well as their conditioner would be a bit much.

Managing balding and receding hairlines

Frana offers her pro tips on how to combat common hair issues like baldness and receding hairlines, recommending a blunt cut and keeping it short.

Three styles to try

Frana shows George how to achieve three different looks using product to achieve an easy every day look, a smart look for the office and a fun style with some tips on using a hair dryer.