Is this the messiest break up ever?

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Thursday, 13 April 2017, 3:32PM

Breakups are hard enough but it may just be worst via snail mail.

Breaking the news that their marriage was over and done with, an Indian man named Haneef decided the best way to end things with his new wife was to pick up a pen and jot it down on a postcard.

After only making it official at a function hall in the Old City of Hyderabad a mere three weeks before, it soon came to light that both parties were in fact still married ... just not to each other.

It seems that despite serving the "triple talaq", a tradition in the Islamic faith that allows a man to annul the bond of marriage without telling the courts, Haneef still paid the woman a visit.

An investigation is taking place to get to the bottom of the matter on how the two met. And, if found guilty, Haneef could be charged with adultery and rape.

In an interview with the Times of India, Hyderabad's deputy commissioner said he would be personally monitoring the case.

The couple got married in Hyderabad (pictured) but divorced less than three weeks later. Photo / 123rf.

"We are investigating as to what exactly happened later in the day when the marriage was solemnised."

"We have called for records from the qazi [the magistrate or judge of the ShariĘża court] so that they can be examined."

"Depending on the outcome we will take a call."

"It is also possible that a rape case will be booked against the accused."

Making the marital waters all the more murky, due to the fact that Haneef hadn't divorced his first wife, technically, the couple were not legally married.

Government officials are "probing all angles" to get to the truth.