How to make your own Creme Eggs

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Thursday, 13 April 2017, 3:29PM

There are few chocolate treats as synonymous with Easter as a Cadbury Creme Egg.

But there was uproar two years ago when the confectionery giant announced it would no longer be using Dairy Milk to make the famous fondant-filled eggs, instead opting for "standard cocoa mix chocolate".

If the change put you off buying the iconic eggs, then there may still be a way you can enjoy this seasonal treat: by making them yourself.

Award-winning master chocolatier Paul A Young, who owns three boutique chocolate shops in London, has filmed a video with Sainsbury's showing keen cooks how to make your own version of the chocolate treat, reported the Daily Mail.

They look like the real deal. Photo / YouTube, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates

And his recipe is surprisingly simple, and takes a matter of minutes to put together.

For anyone trying to make a version of a Creme Egg at home, his advice is to make sure your chocolate is tempered before you start.

Tempering involves adding finely chopped pieces of chocolate to already melted chocolate and heating to a specific temperature, resulting in a smooth and glossy finish.

Playing with chocolate. Photo / YouTube, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates

Milk chocolate must be heated to 29-30 degrees celcius, while dark chocolate has to reach 31-32 degrees celcius.

It's best to use finely chopped chocolate, or buttons are even better.

Paul said you can also adapt the recipe to flavour the fondant with your favourite ingredients.

"You will all be making these for Easter because you can add flavouring into your fondant: peppermint oil, orange oil, coffee, spearmint, gin," he said.

The recipe

1. Temper chocolate.

2. Wipe egg moulds with cotton wool then pour in tempered chocolate until it covers them completely.

3. Tap the moulds against the counter to settle the chocolate and then pour out the excess chocolate.

Mmmm chocolately deliciousness. Photo / YouTube, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates

4. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.

5. Grate packet fondant icing into a bowl.

6. Add a dash of warm sugar syrup.

7. Mix together, then separate about a third of the mixture into another bowl.

8. Add a blob of yellow food colouring gel to the smaller bowl.

9. Then remove chocolate shells carefully from their moulds. Fill with white icing to the brim.

10. Add a blob of the yellow fondant to the centre so it looks like a yolk.

Making your own creme eggs seems surprisingly easy. Photo / YouTube, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates

11. Melt more chocolate and spread around the shell edge. This will act as your glue.

12. Stick two halves together, seal and then enjoy!