How to hack a vending machine

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017, 12:16PM

Ah, the humble vending machine: long time money eater with a penchant for trapping our tasty treats on their descent down to the collection trough.

But today you'll finally be able to get one - or 10 - up on your office junk food dispenser.

And it's all thanks to ZM hosts Jase and PJ, who have tested a genius hack that'll give you double the vending machine deliciousness. The best part is, it actually works.


So what's the trick? According to Jase and PJ, once you've selected your item, press cancel as the packet is being pushed out of its row and a second item will fall out too.

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While you might be thrilled to get double for your money, we sense vending machine companies may not be so happy about the revelation.