Are you making these kitchen mistakes?

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Thursday, 13 April 2017, 3:31PM

Most of us spend hours every day in the kitchen and we could well be making some basic mistakes that are ruining our food and utensils. called on a string of experts to reveal some obvious culinary mistakes people make and they may well surprise you, reported the Daily Mail.

From storing fruit and vegetables together to opening the oven to check on your food, they round up the kitchen habits you should avoid.

Putting knives in the dishwasher

Hand wash your knives to stop them from going blunt. Photo / Getty Images

According to experts, high water pressures in your dishwasher are causing your knives to go slightly blunt.

It is advisable to hand wash them using soapy water and a dishcloth and dry them straight away rather than leaving them out, which, again, makes them less sharp.

Storing your fruit and vegetables together

If you pop all of your fruit and vegetables in the drawer of your fridge, it could be spoiling your foods quicker.

Experts say you should avoid leaving apples and bananas, which emit ethylene gas, next to vegetables as they could cause them to go bad sooner.

Keep bananas and apples out of the fridge to avoid spoiling your veges. Photo / Getty Images

Storing hot food in plastic Tupperware

Putting hot leftovers into a plastic food container causes endocrine-disrupting chemicals like BPA and BPS to leach into your food. These chemicals have been linked to obesity and some cancers.

Opening the oven to check on your food

Constantly checking to see if your food is perfectly cooked may well make the process take longer and it could end up unevenly heated.

Avoid opening the oven too many times or your food could be cooked unevenly. Photo / Getty Images

Storing the wrong foods in the fridge

It's vital we keep fresh food such as meat, fish and dairy products chilled in the fridge, or they could make us ill.

But when it comes to other grocery items, many of us are keeping far more foods than we need to in the refrigerator such as avocados, aubergines, and even butter.