Anika's insults bring comedian to tears

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Thursday, 4 May 2017, 10:03AM

Celebs have been known to get emotional on talk shows, but Rose Matafeo was nearly stunned to tears by her own host.

The comedy and TV star appeared on All Talk with Anika Moa this week, who threw a hilarious barrage of insults and worst case scenarios at her in a strange new challenge.

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It started when Moa asked: "How good are you at crying on the spot?"

Matafeo, who is performing at the Comedy Festival, foolishly answered: "I'm alright at it actually", at which point she was forced to prove it.

Anika Moa got disturbingly (and hilariously) mean in a challenge with Rose Matafeo. Photo / Supplied

She stared into the camera as Moa gave her some "triggers" to make her cry. She didn't disappoint.

"You're fugly and fat and your boyfriend's left you for your best friend," Moa said.

And that was just the start. Amputations, parental issues, and enforced celibacy followed.

Watch the clip below:

* All Talk with Anika Moa screens on Maori Television on Wednesday nights.