Why Trump threw One Direction out of hotel

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Saturday, 18 March 2017, 2:05PM

Trump sure is amassing an impressive list of celebrity feuds, and now One Direction can be added to the list after it was revealed Trump once kicked them out of his hotel when he didn't get his way.

In an interview with Rollacoaster, One Direction member Liam Payne recalled the incident at Trump International Hotel and Tower.

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"Trump actually kicked us out of his hotel once," he said. "You wouldn't believe it. It was about [meeting] his daughter.

"He phoned up our manager and we were asleep. He said, 'Well, wake them up' and I was like 'No' and then he wouldn't let us use the underground garage. Obviously in New York we can't really go outside. New York is ruthless for us," Payne explained.

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After being told defied twice in a row, Trump was having no more of the boy band.

"So he was like, 'OK, then I don't want you in my hotel.' So we had to leave," Payne said.

Trump also recently found himself in a feud with rapper Snoop Dogg, regarding his controversial music video for Lavender, in which he shoots a Trump lookalike with a toy gun.

The president responded to the clip saying if Snoop had done that to Obama he'd have been in jail.