What's on John Travolta's face?

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Monday, 11 September 2017, 1:04PM

Actor John Travolta has always been a man of many looks - but his new one is an eye-opener.

Clean shaven, scruffy or even sporting a 'melting face,' the Grease star knows how to change up his facial fuzz.

Shania Twain and John Travolta is on the set of Trading Paint. Photo / Getty

In recent snaps taken on the set of Trading Paint, his new film with Shania Twain, Travolta is exhibiting his largest and greyest beard yet.

Twain and Travolta are seen both carrying fishing equipment and a chilly-bin on set.

The beard seems to be curiously thick and covers his lower jaw and it curls right up to his cheek bones.

John Travolta and Shania Twain is on the set of the movie Trading Paint. Photo / Getty

He was also spotted at a gala night recently in honour of the new movie.

Trading Paint is set to be released next year and is based around the story of a veteran racecar driver and his son overcoming professional and family conflicts.

John Travolta and Andrea Iervolino attend the Ambi Gala in honour of the movie 'Trading Paint' Photo / Getty