The feud between Hammond and Coogan isn't over

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Sunday, 10 September 2017, 10:49AM


They have been embroiled in a feud since Steve Coogan labelled him "tragic" and a "squirt" while criticising the Top Gear presenters for their comedy style in 2011.

And the battle of wills between Richard Hammond and the I'm Alan Partridge comedian reportedly hit new heights at the GQ Men of the Year Awards on Tuesday, with the Grand Tour host allegedly saying he wanted to 'punch' his enemy, reports the Daily Mail.

According to The Mirror, Richard, 47, had an awkward run-in with Steve, 51 shortly after they picked up awards for Television Personalities and Comedians of the year respectively.

As they neared one another Richard allegedly said: "I don't know what his problem is with me. I want to punch him". A source told the website: "Richard was seething. He was shooting daggers at Steve." Making the situation more uncomfortable, the source added the other Grand Tour stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May are good friends with Rob Brydon, who is Steve's co-star on the Trip, so James chatted to him in the midst of the feud.

The source continued: "It was obvious he wanted to confront him but decided against it, turning and walking away, muttering angrily."

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Steve and Richard for comment.

In February 2011 Steve attacked the former Top Gear trio over comments they made about Mexico, accusing them of "casual racism" and calling Jeremy Clarkson a "bully" in the Observer. He also said their brand of humour revealed them to be desperately uncool.

Accusing Richard of being sycophantic towards Jeremy he said,'"His attempt to foster some Clarkson-like maverick status with his 'edgy' humour is truly tragic," he said.

"He reminds you of the squirt at school as he hangs around Clarkson the bully, as if to say 'I'm with him'."

Steve admitted to being a fan of Top Gear and in the past has appeared on the show three times.

He continued: "With Top Gear, it is three middle-aged men laughing at poor Mexicans. Brave, ground-breaking stuff, eh?," he wrote. The comments were about as funny as a cold sweat followed by shooting pains down the left arm."

He claims "the Lads" wear their offensive behaviour as a "badge of pride" and revel in the fact that they "annoy people."