Rebel scores massive $5m defamation payout

Publish Date
Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 1:33PM

Rebel Wilson has just won the highest ever defamation payout in Australia's history, scoring more than NZD$4.9 million from her legal battle with Bauer Media.

Before the trial, Wilson had offered to settle for a mere $200,000.

But according to the Herald Sun, Supreme Court judge Justice John Dixon said the extent of Wilson's defamation was "unprecedented" and he harshly criticised Bauer's "campaign" against Wilson.

Wilson sued Bauer over a series of defamatory articles published in Woman's Day, Australian Women's Weekly, New Weekly and OK!

She claimed the articles painted her as a "serial liar" who lied her way to her Hollywood career. She also claimed that as a result she lost roles on two films and was unable to land any further work.

Wilson embarked on the lawsuit in an effort to stand up to bullies and make an example, saying, "I take being a role model very seriously".

Wilson has vowed to donate any damages awarded to charity, scholarships or investments in the Australian film industry "to provide jobs".

After the trial, Wilson told media: "Far too often I feel that their conduct can only be described as disgusting and as disgraceful. I'm glad, very glad, that the jury has agreed with me. And by the unanimous and overwhelming verdict, they have sent a very clear message.

"It really saddened me that a lot of people believed these articles. It's good now that the records set straight and that the stain has disappeared. Hopefully my career will go from strength to strength from now on."