Rachel Hunter’s touching tribute to mum

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Monday, 15 May 2017, 10:24AM
Rachel Hunter and her mother Janeen. Photo / Instagram
Rachel Hunter and her mother Janeen. Photo / Instagram

Everyone knows a mother’s special bond with her child is unbreakable – through sickness and in health.

The 47-year-old former supermodel posted a touching photo on Instagram on Mother’s Day of her holding her mother’s hand.

Hunter’s mother Janeen is battling cancer, and in the post, she called it a “hideous disease”.

“Today is Mothers Day, Having laid next to you all night, my heart breaks in pieces with the pain you are in as we still continue this journey today with this hideous disease.”

“You are infinite. LOVE & Prayers to those who have lost or losing a loved one hold them in your arms today or are able to call. Look them in their eyes take in their energy, love & tell them how much you love them. Much Love to you all on this day.”

Janeen has been in an enduring fight with cancer for some time.

Rachel has been keeping close by, even coming home to New Zealand to be with her and her sister Jacqui over Christmas last year.