Bieber's night-time tour of Auckland

Publish Date
Sunday, 19 March 2017, 2:05PM

WARNING: Strong language

Justin Bieber may be used to travelling in style but it turns out during his time in New Zealand he's taken to travelling by rickshaw.

The pop star was seen on a tour around Auckland in a three-person Rickshaw piloted by a man named Murray in a video posted to social media over the weekend.

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By his side was his constant companion on the trip, "rock star preacher" Carl Lentz, who is a Hillsong church superstar, the Daily Mail reports.

As the bike steered through the dark streets, Justin, Carl and a friend sang along to the Ludacris Move B***h (Get Out the Way).

However Carl sang, "please get out the way" instead of the song's more offensive original lyrics.

Once they'd finished their tour Carl declared it the "best tour ever" and asked their driver if he was puffed out.

Justin stayed fairly silent, however was singing and bopping along to the music.

Justin Bieber's been travelling Auckland in less than his usual style. Photo / Chris Loufte

Carl has shadowed Justin on his Purpose tour and has been close to the pop star for years.

The pair have brunched together at swanky Sydney restaurants, feasted on fast food at McDonald's and spoken about all things godly at a Hillsong conference.

Mohawked man of faith Carl- whose wife Laura is an Australian Hillsong follower - has been credited with bringing the crooner into the megachurch and baptising him.

Speaking to the US edition of GQ in December 2015, Carl documented the moment Bieber got down on his knees, "ravaged by loss" and sobbed: "I want to know Jesus".

The pop sensation asked to be baptised immediately and later that night holy task was completed in an NBA star's bath.

Carl has said they first met when Bieber was already a star in 2008, when he was just 14-years-old.