Adele impersonates Beyonce...kind of

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Sunday, 19 March 2017, 4:13PM

She's shot T-shirts into the audience, cracked dirty jokes and tripped up stairs, but there's one thing Adele hadn't yet done during the Australian leg of her world tour - dance like Beyonce.

But that all changed last night as Adele performed in Melbourne to a crowd of over 75,000 at Etihad Stadium.

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In the 30-degree heat, the British singer launched into a cover of Beyonce's uptempo song, Crazy in Love, and imitated Queen Bey's legendary dance moves.

"I don't know how she does it, even just squatting down does she do it?" Adele asked the crowd.

"Give me a beat," she told her band before bending down to a fan and whipping her hair.

Adele then caught a glimpse of herself in one of the show's huge screens, exclaiming: "Oh s**t, what's going on with me hair? Medic, medic!"

"Hang on, put the camera so I can see myself down there...Zoom in a minute, I've got dodgy hair," Adele said, to the delight of concertgoers.

As well as being the world's two biggest singers, Beyonce and Adele are actually very good friends.

The superstars constantly sing the praises of one other, whether its in the middle of a Grammys speech or with sneaky brooches.

Adele is due to arrive in New Zealand this week and will play three sold out shows at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium on March 23, 25 and 26.